Our Loffty goal is to
uplift 10 million people
using gold standard
mental health assessment

Time for a paradigm change

At Loffty, we’re passionate about uplifting Australians and creating a world where people are empowered to understand, discuss and transform mental health and wellbeing.

We’ve set a Loffty goal of measurably uplifting 10 million people using our gold standard mental health assessment! Our appalling Australian suicide rates won’t change if we do more of the same. But with our paradigm changing approach to mental health assessment and working together with people, practitioners and workplaces, there’s no reason we can’t achieve our Loffty goal.

Help us reduce Australian suicides

Meet our team

Loffty was founded by technology marketing veteran, Gina Couper, and Kiwi social impact innovator, Marshall Couper, who wanted to reduce the world’s spiralling suicide rates by making comprehensive mental health insights highly accessible. They are backed by an advisory team made up of physicians, research scientists, health economists and technology experts.

Gina Couper, Co-Founder & CEO

Adept at communicating technology stories that are human and engaging, Gina has over 25 years’ experience marketing ideas that transform people’s quality of life. She grew Amazon’s early UK business into the leading destination for entertainment and high-tech related auctions and has marketed start-ups and large tech companies both within New Zealand and internationally. Gina has a Masters of Innovation from Tech Futures Lab (Unitec). Her happy place is an Auckland beach on a sunny day.

Marshall Couper, Co-Founder

Marshall started his career as a New Zealand trade diplomat and private banker in London. For the last 20 years he has worked in venture capital and early stage health technology businesses in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. He has recently advised New Zealand’s top technology businesses on innovation, commercialisation and growth at Callaghan Innovation.  Marshall is a sports fanatic, enjoys coaching junior baseball and travelling with his family.

Nilesh Daya, Head of Product

Nilesh has over 17 years’ experience in ensuring products meet (and exceed) customer needs. He has managed a wide variety of large software projects where he has owned the product development lifecycle and managed cross functional teams to deliver great user experiences. Nilesh has expertise in business and system analysis, requirements gathering, resource allocation, custom development, scope development and stakeholder communication. A great coffee lover, Nilesh is often found in various Melbourne cafes in pursuit of the perfect cup.

Dr Edmond Ng, Chief Medical Officer

Dr Edmond Ng is Strategic Advisor of Innovation, Digital Health & Strategic Alliances across global markets with the SEEDD.Life network and  Blue Sky Blue Ribbon projects. Edmond combines 3 areas of expertise – Clinical Medicine, Healthcare Technology and Management Consultancy to help global clients and partners deliver responsible healthcare and innovative HealthTech (HealthTechnology) solutions, including BioTech (Biotechnology), non-biological MedTech (Medical Technology) and DigitalHealth technologies.

After medical residency, Dr Ng joined the Military Medicine Institute of Singapore and trained in military medicine, sports and defence technologies. He obtained his Fellowship in Surgery from Edinburgh (UK) and worked extensively with surgical devices and clinical trials. Dr Ng later attained his Techno MBA (High Honours) in Boston (USA) and kept working with technology in Health, Life Sciences, AI, Finance, Logistics & Energy.

Over 3 decades Edmond has worked in the USA, Europe, MENA, MESA, LATAM, APAC, and Australi and NZ. Edmond has global industry experience in clinical practice, corporate health & wellness, corporate psychology, medical education, healthcare management & regulation, compliance, HealthTech, AI, FinTech, ERP, logistics, energy, startups & capital funding.

He has been involved with key projects at IBM, Razorfish (Microsoft), Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts General Hospital, Johnson and Johnson, Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA), Medical Board of Australia, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare, Australian Department of Veteran Affairs, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, National Transport Commission of Australia, Military Medicine Institute (Singapore), BUPA, Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt, Germany), State Street Global Advisors (Boston, USA), Thomson Reuters (Boston, USA), LianHua (Shanghai) & NTT DoCoMo (Japan).

Edmond also works with global R&D most recently with the AI Biometric & Pattern Recognition Research Group (Recogna) in Brazil which was established with the primary goal of advancing research in computer vision, machine learning, and biometrics. Also in Brazil, Dr Ng is helping fight cancer with AI driven early diagnosis technology developed by iAssist Tecnologia.

Dr Ng is currently a Strategic Advisor to Freshworks CRMDigital VisionEPIC Unicorn, and Jade Diabetes. In the last five years he has also been or is currently a Medical Advisor to Sciton (medical lasers), Cellgen (osteoarthritis tech startup), and Simplr BioTech (biotech firm working on 9 projects).

Dr Ng serves as a medical auditor and educator for the following organisations: Council of Australian Governments’ Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC), the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), Global Mark, HealthCert International (a global organisation dedicated to better patient outcomes through comprehensive GP education), Medical Board of Australia (AHPRA, Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency), University of Melbourne and Monash Medical Schools, RACGP and various Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), and Healthscope Hospitals in Victoria.

Professor Luke Larkin, Suicide & Trauma Advisor

Professor Larkin, MD, MS, MA, MSPH, FACEP is a board-certified clinician with over 25 years of front line ED experience. He is also a biostatistician and researcher focused on ethical, scalable, real-world healthcare solutions. He served as the inaugural Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and the inaugural Professor and Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. He has held previous appointments at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, Texas and is currently at the University of Pittsburgh. He is recognised globally as a leader in emergency medicine, substance abuse, mental health, trauma, suicide prevention, bioethics and public health. His recent research focus has been on behavioral causes and consequences of injury, trauma, and disasters.

Prof Larkin is particularly interested in primary care and wellness, and their interface with emergency medicine. He is interested in models of healthcare that cost-effectively optimize access to needed care while reducing reciprocal demand for unnecessary or unneeded health services. He is also interested in using health IT to develop digital health risk appraisals within new models of primary care, illness prevention, and wellness maintenance. He has served as a member of the Wellness Committee of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), and as advisor to the DHHS on “Healthy People 2020” policy. Dr. Gregory Luke Larkin has also led burnout prevention and stress management workshops with the United Nations office in Vienna, and has conducted studies on alternative delivery models as well as access to Emergency Medicine Services (EMS), poison control centers, nursing call centers, suicide crisis lines, and related primary care support for populations. He has conducted healthcare workforce research, studying alternative staffing and delivery models, and has helped introduce Physician Assistants in Emergency Medicine to the UK and other countries.

Recent work includes studies on the mental health causes and consequences of trauma, rapidly-acting antidepressants, bio-informatics/health IT, interpersonal violence, and suicide prevention. Dr. Larkin is one of the first emergency physicians to describe the link between frequent ED visits and inadequate pain management, partner violence and co-morbid mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation.

As an adjunct to his research interests, Dr. Larkin has assumed leadership roles within national and international organizations and served as consultant to several foundations as well as NIH, CDC, and AHRQ. His recent funding includes a Distinguished Investigator Award, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; Veterans Health Administration, New Zealand Ministry of Health, and NIH/NIDA. He has also received support from State agencies as well as NIAAA, NIMH, and NHLBI, and local agencies in New Zealand.

Prof Larkin is a key resource on mental health for healthcare reformers and policymakers around the world, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) where he has served as a consultant on priority matters such as trauma, and suicide prevention.

Dr Chris Mulroney, Advisor

Dr Christopher Mulroney has over 40 years of experience in medicine and is the Medical Director of One Point Medical in Melbourne, Australia. He has a variety of interests in Medicine including Primary Care, medical teaching and medical R&D. His particular interests include Psychiatry in Primary Care with a particular focus on Adult ADHD and its co-morbidities.

He is a graduate of the University of Western Australia with first class honours in Science and Medicine. His post graduate training was undertaken at Royal Perth Hospital, King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and the University Department of General Practice.

After completing the Family Medicine Program, Dr Mulroney has worked as a senior General Practitioner in Perth, Western Australian and in country W.A.. He then founded the Medipoint Group of six linked Primary Care practices across metropolitan Perth. In 2003, he moved with his family to Melbourne Victoria and worked as a senior GP in Toorak and Prahran. In 2013, Dr Mulroney established OnePoint Medical, a Category A rated primary practice with 6 doctors that prides itself in utilising the latest technology and the highest standards in diagnosis and management. Dr Mulroney currently continues to work full-time as a Primary Care Physician and as Medical Director of One Point Medical.

During the early 2000’s Dr Mulroney was co-founder and co-developer of Global Mind Screen, a comprehensive on-line mental health self assessment screening tool which was the most comprehensive tool of its kind at the time and was able to uniquely screen for over thirty co-morbid psychiatric conditions. He has continued to be involved in the research and development of this tool into its current form as Loffty.

Dr Mulroney is a passionate medical educator and serves as a Lecturer in Clinical Medicine at the Oceania University of Medicine, a position he was appointed to in 2023. He has been a medical educator in Australia and internationally, training Registrars in Family Medicine. He also maintains an ongoing medical advisory role to Loffty Global and is involved in its continuing development as the world’s most comprehensive mental health screening tool.

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