Workplace FAQs

Workplace FAQs

What type of organisation is Loffty Workplace suited to?

Mental health issues are prevalent across all business sectors and in all types of organisations. Loffty Workplace is particularly suited to organisations with 100 or more employees and by member-based industry associations where the industry body becomes the entity that can use the industry insights to better look after their members.

How is Loffty better than other psychometric or psychiatric assessments?

Firstly, Loffty is not a psychometric test. A psychometric test is not a clinical evaluation for mental health purposes, but rather a tool often used by recruitment firms or HR departments to assess a person’s suitability to a particular job profile. Loffty is not a computer-generated “Personality Profile.”

Loffty Workplace is a mental health and wellbeing platform that uses Loffty Clinical’s assessment technology to ask your employees questions about their mental health and wellbeing in a highly confidential way. Only your employees will have access to their personal assessment report and information relating to whether they have accessed any solutions through the platform. Your organisation, however, will get access to high level group data to help it better understand the wellbeing needs of employees as a collective. Loffty Workplace provides your organisation with actionable insights and a collection of workplace mental health and wellbeing solution providers you can access.

Who developed Loffty?

Loffty Clinical, our multi-disorder mental health assessment technology, was originally conceived in 2003 by Dr John Clarkson, a New Zealand born, Australian-based GP and has been further developed over the years by an interdisciplinary team of mental health professionals in Australia and the USA.

How do my employees use Loffty Workplace?

Your employees will access Loffty Workplace through your organisation’s wellbeing intranet pages or directly through the website. Either way, the process is simply a matter of a few clicks and they will get access to the Loffty Workplace platform on a completely confidential basis.

Is Loffty Workplace confidential for my employees?

Yes, your employees’ Loffty reports are 100% confidential. If they choose to access any of the solution providers on the Loffty Workplace platform, they can rest assured those providers are completely independent of Loffty and so are one step further removed than say a counsellor who is employed by an EAP company. Based on our industry feedback, we know this will make a huge difference to employees’ comfort levels around confidentiality.

Is the Loffty Workplace platform mandatory for employees?

No, the Loffty Workplace platform is completely voluntary for your employees to use. They can use the platform as often as they like, or not at all, and they are not told they must use it regularly as is the case with most employee engagement solutions. Loffty Workplace is designed so that your employees get great value from it whether or not they feel they have any mental health challenges.

How does my organisation get started with Loffty Workplace?

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