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Australia’s suicide rate is one of the worst in the world. We believe our workplaces, where we spend most of our waking lives, can play a key role in addressing this crisis. That’s why we’re working with workplaces to give employees access to Loffty mental health assessment.

As well as measurably uplifting mental health in your organisation, Loffty will reduce costs and increase productivity due to fewer workplace accidents, reduced staff turnover, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, increased innovation, improved teamwork and engagement.

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How Loffty works

Loffty makes it easy for your people to understand the big picture of their wellbeing and to access personalised solutions to become healthier, happier and more productive. Ultimately, through anonymised and aggregated insights, Loffty will also help your organisation identify causes of work stress and coach your leaders to better support your people.

Loffty Assessment

Employees complete the world’s most comprehensive wellbeing assessment. Loffty covers 30+ different mental health categories including mood, anxiety and post traumatic stress, eating disorders, ADHD, addictions and suicidal ideation. We will be adding questions on bullying, stress, burnout, work engagement and other more holistic wellbeing questions.

Loffty Insights

Loffty generates important confidential personal insights for each employee. As a leader you will get aggregated and anonymised insights about your people and from these Loffty will suggest targeted actions to make a real difference in your organisation. Loffty will track your organisation’s overall wellbeing and your ‘Loffty Level’ can be used to measure your wellbeing ROI.

Loffty Solutions

Ultimately, Loffty will connect your people to the right solutions for them, at the right time. This will include mental health and wellbeing education, online positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy programs, meditation, sleep and habit tracking, personal budgeting plus access to life coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, counsellors and psychologists.

People love Loffty

“I really wish I had had Loffty 20 years ago! After many years of trying different doctors and treatments and sleeping 18 hours a day, I’m now doing 40 hours a week at a high power job and I’m doing really well.”

- Alex, Loffty user

“I was diagnosed with severe chronic fatigue syndrome. I was spending 18 hours a day in bed. I had brain fog and if I did anything I'd feel heaps worse. I tried all sorts of treatments but nothing would help or if it did it would just be for a short while. This had been going on for 10 years. As a result of finally doing Loffty, I am 100% well. I have plenty of energy, vitality and enjoyment of life. I'm really grateful for Loffty as it's made a huge difference in my life.”

- Deb, Loffty user

“I had been unable to discuss my problems and so when I answered the Loffty questions honestly and got the results I was absolutely blown away! My life has completely changed - I’m no longer depressed or anxious, I sleep a lot better, I haven’t taken drugs in years and I drink very mildly.”

- Roy, Loffty user

“For five to six years I suffered with some issues that were never able be diagnosed. I'm starting to feel a difference for the first time in my life...without the turning point of Loffty and what's happened since I don't know if I'd still be here.”

- Drew, Loffty user

Scalable mental health screening for your people

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Boost EAP effectiveness

Traditional Employment Assistance Programs (EAPs) are under utilised and lack real impact, alerting leaders to issues much too late. Loffty can run alongside whatever EAP you currently offer and provides the following advantages to boost your EAP efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Loffty is a way to encourage struggling employees to complete a self-assessment in their own time, anywhere, without increasing the workload of your People & Culture or Wellbeing team.
  • Employees (and their practitioners) get the full picture of their mental health and wellbeing since Loffty includes the world’s most comprehensive mental health self-assessment.
  • When employees view their Loffty report, they’re empowered to seek professional help when they might normally have been reluctant to do so and they are able to better communicate their mental health concerns with their EAP therapist, practitioner or a member of your Wellbeing team.
  • Employees who use Loffty become more educated and empowered in their own mental health and wellbeing, solving issues before they become acute and reducing their need to access more expensive face to face solutions later on.
  • When your employees do seek help, they are much more likely to receive a more accurate diagnosis and more effective treatment.
  • By offering screening to all employees as a matter of course, you will encourage more open communication and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.


The mental health and wellbeing impacts of Covid-19 are rapidly becoming known and will continue to compound over the coming years. We urge you to not delay in working with Loffty to set up a world class support platform for your people.

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