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For a sense of satisfaction and achievement, ‘keep learning’ (MHAW 2023)

Woman learning how to do yoga.

‘Keep learning’ or ‘Me Ako Tonu‘ is the theme to wrap up Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 (MHAW) this Friday. Engage your mind and discover new horizons. You’ll not only enhance your cognitive abilities but also embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

‘Keep Learning’ refers to ‘exercising our mind,’ almost like taking our brain to the gym. Our brains thrive on novelty and learning. When we engage in new activities, acquire knowledge or explore fresh perspectives we ignite our cognitive abilities, enhancing our problem-solving skills and creativity. Research shows that learning new things helps us ward off dementia, and contributes to a reduction in depression, anxiety and loneliness. Setting goals and targets and hitting them can motivate us and create positive feelings of achievement.

A few ideas to help you keep learning

Here are a few pointers to help you on your journey of life long learning:

  • Embrace Lifelong Learning: Make a commitment to continuous learning in areas that interest you. Reflect on how this enhances your mental agility and wellbeing and keeps you passionate about life.
  • Set Learning Goals: Establish specific learning goals for yourself. Regularly assess your progress and how achieving these goals impacts your overall happiness.
  • Regular Mental Health Check-Ins: Alongside your learning journey, prioritise regular mental health assessments so that you can track your progress and therefore manage it better over time. Your Loffty reports will spark your desire to learn even more about your own mental health and connect with other like-minded people who have overcome similar challenges.

Sometimes as adults we can find we have less and less time for learning amidst other ‘higher priorities’. If you are feeling pushed for time, start small by learning to cook a new recipe, visiting an art gallery or museum, joining a book club or listening to a TED talk.

In closing, as Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 comes to an end, remember the importance of ‘Keep Learning’ as a lifelong pursuit for personal growth and mental wellbeing. By engaging your mind, setting learning goals and continuously exploring new horizons, you not only exercise your cognitive abilities but also nurture a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Embrace every opportunity, no matter how small, to expand your knowledge and perspective. Because in the journey of learning, you’ll find the keys to a happier and more fulfilling life.

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