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‘Take Notice’ with Loffty Mental Health Assessment (MHAW 2023)

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand’s annual campaign to help Kiwis understand how to improve their mental health. We’re diving into this year’s theme ‘Five Ways, Five Days’, starting with ‘Take Notice’ or ‘Me Aro Tonu’. Let’s explore how checking in on your mental health with a comprehensive Loffty assessment can pave the way to a happier, healthier and more self-aware you.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of everyday life. But ‘Take Notice,’ the first of the Five Ways, encourages us to pause and embrace mindfulness. It’s about being present to the state of our mental health and understanding our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Benefits of Loffty mental health assessment

Loffty is here to help you understand your mental health by asking you questions about symptoms related to 33 common and treatable mental health conditions. We cover, for example, Adult ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar and eating disorders to name just a few. (For a full list of conditions covered, check out our individuals page). We also collect information about any head injuries you may have had, any history of physical, sexual or emotional trauma as well as information relating to your family history, current and past medication and side effects.

Loffty generates an instant, confidential report for you which flags any symptoms of concern. Loffty does not provide a formal diagnosis as this can only be done by a qualified mental health professional. However, when you choose to share your report electronically with a mental health professional, your report provides important insights that will help them make a better-informed diagnosis and treatment plan. This gets you on the pathway to feeling better, faster.  

Customers often tell us that completing Loffty is therapeutic because it makes them feel personally understood and validated – often for the first time. And sometimes after many years of being misdiagnosed or under diagnosed. Getting an assessment helps you understand the reasons for many of your current and past challenges and can be a huge relief. 

Meet Roy, who was able to conquer anxiety and depression through a combination of Loffty mental health assessment, medication and therapy:

“When I answered the Loffty questions honestly I was absolutely blown away. My life has completely changed since – I’m no longer depressed or anxious, I sleep a lot better, I haven’t taken drugs for years and I drink very mildly.”

By ‘Taking Notice’ of his symptoms using Loffty, Roy was able to understand who to reach out to for support. He was able to communicate his concerns easily to his GP and develop strategies to regain control of his life.

As we embark on this Mental Health Awareness Week, make today your day to ‘Take Notice.’ Embrace checking in on your mental health as a path to self-awareness and incorporate Loffty mental health assessment into your routine. By doing so, you’ll understand yourself much better and be equipped to navigate life’s ups and downs by also understanding any support you need.

Loffty is the world’s most comprehensive online mental health self-assessment that covers over 30 different mental health conditions. It generates an instant report flagging any conditions of concern that you can choose to share with a mental health practitioner for a better informed diagnosis and treatment plan. Assess yourself now.