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From ‘Struggle Street’ to Thriving with Adult ADHD: Rachel Thorburn’s story

Rachel Thorburn discussing how Loffty assessed her for Adult ADHD, after many years struggling with misdiagnosis.

At age 46, Rachel Thorburn was so overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious that she couldn’t get off the couch. She had struggled over the years and received different diagnoses – depression, anxiety and bipolar – but none of them ever really fit and she never felt any better.

Never once had anyone in the healthcare system ever asked Rachel about Adult ADHD. Until she found Loffty mental health assessment during an online search. Loffty flagged her as ‘probable ADHD’, her psychiatrist (Dr Eamon Egan from Anteris) agreed with a formal diagnosis and Rachel finally got onto the correct medication.

Rachel says the noise in her head has now gone, she’s able to be a much better Mum to her two kids, she no longer craves alcohol and her anxiety has gone. She’s now thriving in her career as a teacher and a Rapid Transformational Therapist, helping other women be the best version of themselves.

“If it [your diagnosis] feels like it doesn’t fit for you then definitely do the Loffty report…I just don’t want you to suffer more than you have to. And do you know what? We owe it to our kids as well…knowing who you are, getting the right help that you need… to be the best version of yourself.”

I hope you enjoy this interview of Rachel as she describes her journey getting diagnosed with Adult ADHD and how it has transformed her life for the better.

“You saved my life. It’s the best $59 I’ve ever spent.” – Rachel Thorburn.

Video sections:

1.11 Probable ADHD

7.26 What’s It Like To Have ADHD?

15.48 Unproductive Coping Mechanisms

17.20 The Loffty Process

20.46 Sharing Loffty With Practitioners

27.28 Life After Medication

32.21 Skills – Working To Strengths

36.04 What Life’s Like Now

38.03 Rachel’s Advice To Others

Resources Mentioned:

ADHD Association of New Zealand.

ADHD Melbourne Facebook Group.

Rachel Thorburn’s Rapid Transformational Therapy website.

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